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The PATA 2023 Summit is a hybrid event, which is free to participate in and will take place simultaneously across 12 countries through regional in-country satellites, and virtually via the PATA Linking and Learning Hub. The summit is taking place from 14-16 November 2023, titled “The Face of Care: Health Providers and Communities at the Frontline of Paediatric and Adolescent HIV Service Delivery in Africa” is grounded in the perspectives collected from 801 participants, across 24 satellite sites in the PATA 2022 Summit.


If you are a frontline health provider, community partner, member of a network of young people living with HIV, peer supporter, policy maker, representative of a Ministry of Health, donor, or researcher working on paediatric HIV in Africa, you are invited to register for the PATA 2023 Summit.

If you are not already a member of the PATA Linking and Learning Hub sign up here!

On the path to an AIDS-free generation, health care providers are the ‘Face of
Care’ for all children, adolescents and young people, and play a critical role in
the global HIV response. Despite this, their daily challenges, invaluable
perspectives and contextual realities are often overlooked. The PATA 2023 Summit will give voice to those on the frontlines, whilst offering health
providers opportunities to learn, engage, and access skills and resources in areas where they most reported a lack of confidence.

Our mission is to mobilize, strengthen, and build resilience in a network of
frontline health care providers, facilities, and communities equipped to address
challenges in paediatric and adolescent HIV service delivery in Africa.


PATA 2022 Summit

The PATA 2022 Summit, titled “Ending AIDS in Children, Adolescents and Young People – a Roadmap to 2030” and called for us to Do it Right, Do it Together, and Do it Now! The summit platform offered a reality check against global commitments and everyday challenges.

PATA 2021 Summit

The PATA 2021 Summit, titled “Clinic and Community in Conversation: closing the gap for children and adolescents in the HIV response”. The thematic focus of the 2021 summit placed health providers at the centre to build their capacity across clinics and the community.

PATA 2020 Summit

Titled Breakthrough and Build Back Together! Participants attended from across 27 countries through a virtual online hub and connected remotely or in person through attending a main or satellite spoke. Participants included frontline health providers and community partners.

PATA 2019 Summit

The PATA 2019 Summit entitled READY Together! Integrating HIV and SRHR through Clinic Community collaboration. 

The Summit reached 214 frontline providers across 17 countries, with 59 health facilities and 49 implementing community-based partners.

PATA 2018 Summit

#PeerPower was the focus of the PATA 2018 Youth Summit in partnership with Y+, held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and hosted 221 participants. This included 115 peer supporters, youth network representatives, leaders from 11 sub-Saharan African countries.